SAM Honours Talent!
Haleema Zia nominates Sarah Mehmood(MCS, NUST) as an outstanding English writer and debater. SAM is pleased to know Sarah and wishes her very best.
Hussain Ali nominates Hassan Murtaza as an outstanding footballer. SAM would be delighted to know more about Hassan's distinctions in sports and invites him to become a member. Best wishes Hassan.

Iftikhar Ahmad nominates Tehseen Asif MCS/NUST for his excellent event organizing and defense analytical skills. SAM encourages Iftikhar to bring new talents in light for others to acknowledge. SAM wishes both students very best!!
Haleema Zia and Rabiya Sultan nominate Engineer Ahmed Mehmood/MCS NUST for his extra ordinary sketching. Real artist! You will soon see his sketches displayed on SAM Museum Gallery. SAM wishes him every success in life.
Maryam nominates Aliya Zafar (IIUI) as one of the best actress and mimic on planet. SAM will soon display her talent for students to see. Best wishes Aliya.
Rabiya Sultan nominates Sumaira Tariq (IIUI) for her extra ordinary graphics and photography skills. SAM wishes her very best!!
Sameen Fatima nominates Rija Asghar (Fauji Fertilizers Higher Secondary School) for her being extra ordinary at sports. God bless you Rija
Rabiya Sultan nominates Aleena Khan(MCS NUST) for her brilliant English Literature and writing skills. SAM wishes her very best!
Darakshan Wajid nominates Haider Ali Bahria University for his outstanding Rapping talent. Best wishes, Haider.
In the complex fast changing world of technology, Sameen Fatima( FJWU) faced up to the challenges with focus and strength to reskill. A great example. Best wishes!
SAM honours talent and nominates Ali Aizaz Zahid for open source world class accounts and financial software. He is further acknowledged for taking on more students to train and integrate for the job market. Best wishes!
Hussain Ali nominates Maryam Bashir/ FFC high school for her exceptional painting skills. Best wishes Maryam.
Darakshan nominates Gul e Rana Khan / Bahria University for her singing. You will view her video and audio. Gul, best wihes!!
Rabiya Sultan nominates Zain Javed/NUST for his exceptional programming skills and great technology thinking. Best wishes, Zain!!

Maryam Sultan assesses and nominates Shah Rukh/ Bahria University as an upcoming talent on the virtue of his hardwork, grades and all round many qualities. SAM wishes him every success!